Kunst Kultur Kommunikation

E-Learning for Arts and Cultural Heritage Education in Archives and Museums

Marion R. Gruber and Christian Glahn

This article will be published in:
Hasebrook, J., Muhr, G. & Schrader, A. (Eds.). (in print). Applying digital media to culture. Amsterdam: IOS Press.


Archives and museums hold great potential for encouraging greater participation in learning, and hence for raising not only educational levels in the active population but also for enhancing the quality of citizens’ lives. In this chapter we analyse how archives and museums approach the challenges of the rising information society in their education and mediation activities. Our answer is far from being comprehensive; it is rather an introduction to the utilisation of information and communication technologies (ICT) in arts and cultural heritage education. We outline the domain of arts and cultural heritage education and the domain of e-learning from a theoretical perspective. With this knowledge we then investigate the current use of digital media in education, in the exhibition room and on the Internet. Before we conclude this chapter, we analyse our observations in order to identify threads and patterns in the field of today’s arts and cultural heritage education in archives and museums.


Arts and cultural heritage education

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